Heavenly beaches

Is Aruttas , Mari Ermi , Mal di Ventre island , San Giovanni

Mari Ermi beach is located 16 km from Cabras. Mari Ermi sea has a beautiful beach of small grains of white quartz, from erosion granite island of Mal di Ventre. The beach, accompanied by a framework of Mediterranean bush, stretching for hundreds of meters along the coast and the sea keeps all those shades of color ranging from dark blue to light blue. Presents enchanting backdrops and water is crystal clear and clean. It's an ideal destination for families with children, and it' is greatly appreciated and frequented by surfers.

Is Arutas, like Mari Ermi, is one of the most beautiful beaches, consisting of small grains of white quartz that settled on the shore during ages.

Mal di Ventre island is about 5 nautical miles far from the coast. The disintegration of rocks feeds the quartz sands of the beaches of the Sinis. The landscape is typical of granitic intrusive rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. Under the sea, in an almost rock bottom, rounded blocks and boulders, surrounding the island and in the small, sandy beaches of the coast bordering small submarine of quartz sand; an ideal setting for lovers of underwater photography.

San Giovanni di Sinis has several beaches, including the beautiful beach of Capo San Marco which is just past the tower on foot along the dirt road. Water is crystalline and very fine sand, but for those who love the genre, there are the rocks where dive to admire the beauty beneath the sea or simply sunbathing. At San Giovanni you arrive walking across the road that starts from Cabras and ends at Tharros and Capo San Marco going through the whole Sinis.

Unspoilt nature

The territory of Sinis extends from the village of Cabras to the extreme northern end where it is the small village of San Giovanni di Sinis. Sinis is not only beautiful beaches of white quartz or crystalline sea, but also unspoilt nature rich of vegetation and animal species that still live in the wild not caring of human presence.

Traditions and history

The city of Tharros is situated on the foothills of Sinis Peninsula, during the Roman period. The area retains many nuragic period traces, the most ancient remains come from the two cremation cemetery dating from the mid of about the seventh century BC and the most ancient layer attendance of the Santuario Tofet.

Barefoot runners
It's a procession during which the saint (San Salvatore) is brought from the village of San Salvatore to the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cabras. It's one of the most charming manifestations held in Sardinia, which commemorates the historical events of the Saracen invasions and devastation. 900-1000 young, barefoot, wearing a white habit, running along the streets of campaign leading up to shoulder the Saint statue to the village of Cabras.

Bottarga (Dried Grey Mullet Roe) festival
Bottarga (Dried Grey Mullet Roe) is a typical product of Cabras, it consists of sun-dried mullet roe and pressed, a real "caviar" of the Mediterranean. Indeed in August Cabras, dedicates to the mullet roe a festival that offers the opportunity to taste it in so many different ways. During the event stands are build up to taste and sale of promotional products.

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